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NGh Hypnosis Certification Course Terms and Conditions

Course Details, Terms, Conditions and Restrictions

Enrollment in a The Hypnosis Academy NGH Certification Course is an agreement between us to provide the NGH Hypnosis Certification course that we have been providing to students for years. We offer a quality course that goes over and above the requirements for NGH Certification. We provide additional subject matter, additional written materials and additional video instruction displays. Students have been very satisfied with what we provide and it is our objective to make you more than satisfied.

At the least, a non-refundable registration deposit must be paid prior to the start of any The Hypnosis Academy course. The balance of course tuition must be paid prior to or at the first class session. Please talk to The Hypnosis Academy if you need to make alternative arrangements. We will do whatever we can to accomodate you, within reason.

Late payments can be subject to additional charges.

If the student needs to cancel their enrollment in a class, which has already been scheduled, the student must contact the The Hypnosis Academy directly. We have planning, materials, costs and considerations involved in our scheduled classes. Cancellation from a scheduled class by the student within less than 14 days of the first class will be subject to penalties.

Where the student does not appear (‘no-show’), or makes no other arrangements for a class, which has been scheduled with The Hypnosis Academy, this class will be billed in full, unless other agreements have been made.

All information gathered by The Hypnosis Academy and Chester County Hypnosis is considered confidential and will not be sold, shared or provided by any student or instructor to any person or entity, without prior approval.

Any change of class size must only be done with the authorization of The Hypnosis Academy.

All rights to class materials, handouts, software and/or audio or visual material that are supplied to students by The Hypnosis Academy for their personal use are owned by and the sole and exclusive property of The Hypnosis Academy and are not to be duplicated or copied or used in any way unless authorized by The Hypnosis Academy.

The Hypnosis Academy operates under the Code of Ethics of The National Guild of Hypnotists and asks that all students do also.

If there are any questions concerning the course content please contact The Hypnosis Academy. The Hypnosis Academy course has been developed over the years and contains the full NGH Certification course, but also additional content that has been determined to be of value in the training of practical hypnosis. While individual students often have specific interests in the use and application of hypnosis, these may not be covered in the scope of this class. However, The Hypnosis Academy takes great effort in accommodating all students needs and interest.

The Hypnosis Academy operates and adheres to all the laws of the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These include, but are not limited to, those laws concerning discrimination and abuse. The Hypnosis Academy insists on safe, professional and responsible conduct during our classes and asks than any students report any incidents promptly, preferably by writing. While we make every effort to provide an environment conducive to learning, we can not be responsible for the conduct of students towards others in situations that do not come either under our control or to our knowledge.

All classes from The Hypnosis Academy are presented in a smoke-free class environment.

Any legal, financial or tax liability information given by The Hypnosis Academy should only be used for general, informational purposes and does not necessarily apply specifically to any given student. All students are responsible for gathering their own information and making their own decisions regarding their actions in any of these types of matters.

Unless otherwise specified, The Hypnosis Academy does not provide any meals, lodging or travel for any students in any of our classes.

Due to the differing classes, class sizes and locations that The Hypnosis Academy works with, not all classes may have the same access and availability. Before making any decisions on class enrollment, please contact The Hypnosis Academy to address any special needs you may have and determine whether those needs can be met. We are very inclusive and welcome all, however we are often limited in the facilites we can obtain for our classes. Please contact us with any questions.

If The Hypnosis Academy is unable to deliver a scheduled class, for any reason, the student will be entitled to a full refund.

If The Hypnosis Academy classes are cancelled at any session due to weather or unforeseen circumstances that are not in the control of The Hypnosis Academy, students will be offered altenatives to make up the material, the date and time of which is at the discretion of The Hypnosis Academy (with input from the class). We will make the best effort to create an acceptable solution. We value the safety of our students.

If the student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs in any class session, or exhibits unruly, disruptive, abusive or inappropriate behavior towards the instructor or other students, The Hypnosis Academy has the right to request that the student immediately leave the class and premises. The student will be responsible for payment in full for the session and for any costs assessed if the student to make up the session. If the students wishes to withdraw from the class at that point, any reimbursement would be determined by the withdrawal terms below.

Where a student is unable to continue or complete a course, after the first session has been taken or with less than 14 days of the first prearranged session, a credit will be issued for the balance of the invoice after the following deductions are made:

The daily cost of any classes already taken (including late cancellations).

The cost of any course books already supplied or already purchased on behalf of the student by The Hypnosis Academy (where less than 30 hours of classes have been taken).

A cancellation fee of US $500. In the event that the client has not yet paid the balance in full, the student will still be liable for payment of the difference between the amount already paid and the amended balance due. Where this payment is made by credit card, this will be subject to additional credit card/merchant charges for Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Where a student is unable to proceed with a course, before the first session has been taken, a credit will be issued for the balance of the invoice after the following deductions are made: the non-refundable deposit of US $500.

The Hypnosis Academy and Chester County Hypnosis provides students with approved training in the National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotist or Certified Consulting Hypnotist Course as specified and approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists. We operate under the NGH Code of Ethics and the NGH Instructor Contract that specifies how we conduct our business, practice hypnosis and treat our clients and students.

All students are required to complete all training, do all assignments and complete all assigned work before being eligible to take the NGH Certified exam, which is given at the end of the NGH Certification Course. Failure to complete required training and/or assignments will prevent the student from being eligible to either qualify, or to take, the examination for NGH Hypnosis Certification.

The Hypnosis Academy makes no guarantee of business or employment opportunities for it's students. While attempting to provide quality education and give every student the tools and training needed, individual and general circumstances prevent us from making any specific statements concerning what a student can accomplish. While we can relate personal and general experiences, they in no way relate to what your experiences may or may not be.