The Hypnosis Academy Schedule
NGH Hypnosis Certification Class

Official NGH Hypnosis Certification Courses


March 7th to april 25th, 2020

(All Classes Held on Saturdays from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM)


Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania
Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

The Hypnosis Academy will provide you with the fastest, most comprehensive, "hands-on" way to become a NGH Certified Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist. Unlike other classes or schools, The Hypnosis Academy will actually teache you to know what you are doing with Hypnosis. It is a great opportunity to really learn hypnosis.

The NGH Certification Saturday Course is held on Saturdays from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM in the Historic Sugartown complex in Malvern, Chester County, PA. It's a fantastic, picturesque venue.

"This course met all my expectations and then some" - M.C. (2015 Graduate)

Call Joseph Nunan CH,CI today at 610-296-4929 and learn how The Hypnosis Academy can provide you with the best education in hypnosis you can receive.

"I loved it, the best investment of my life ! " - A.C. (2010 graduate)

"The course was wonderful. Joe weeds through the BS and teaches what works in the field. Very straightforward and down-to-earth style. Well worth time and money. Thanks Joe." - C.C (2017 graduate)

If you want to learn to actually be a good hypnotist, this is the course for you. It's a no-nonsense, comprehensive learning experience that has received 100% positive reviews from all of the students who have taken the course in the past. In addition to being a working hypnotist, having my own private practice in addition to The Hypnosis Academy, I also teach several courses for The National Guild of Hypnotists Convention. I love doing hypnosis, but I also love teaching it.

"Joe is a knowledeably confident instructor who can communicate with anyone. The content was totally complete and then some !" - T.M. (2014 Graduate)

"I will be telling everyone I know who is interested in hypnosis how good this course is." - E.C. (2017 Graduate)

You can get directions here.

I offer pick-up and drop-off at the Malvern R5 Rail Line Station or 104 Bus by arrangement, so this class is easily accesible by public transportation from Philadelphia, Overbrook, Upper Darby, Haverford, Exton, Thorndale, Downingtown, Valley Forge, King of Prussia, Haverford, Ardmore and Bryn Mawr. It's also easily accessible from New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland because of class schedules. Traffic is generally light on our class days. I've had students come from all over the East Coast and the accelerated class schedule makes it possible.

The Hypnosis Academy NGH Certification Course in PA Will Include:

NGH Certification will make you a NGH Certified Hypnotist or NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist (your choice) as long as you complete the course and pass the NGH exam at the end

In the Class at The Hypnosis Academy you will receive:

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

An 11" x 14" Official National Guild of Hypnotists Certification in Hypnosis certificate, suitable for framing and display.

A one Year pre-paid membership to The National Guild of Hypnotists.

An official NGH membership identification card.

A One Year membership in the Philadelphia Chapter of the NGH (if functioning).

A One year subscription to the Hypnogram Magazine.

A One year subscription to The Journal of Hypnotism.

2 Official NGH course manuals.

The Hypnosis Academy exclusive class handouts and reviews of each and every class. I'll give you over 50 class handouts that you'll never get anywhere else and that explain what you really need to know about hypnosis.

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

Over 6 Official NGH Hypnosis Training Videos.

A great selection of the Official NGH Best Hypnosis Scripts.

A Chevrul's Pendulum .

Exclusive use of the NGH video and audio libraries and member bookstore, discount prices and rates on the NGH Convention and NGH Solid Gold Weekend, hotels and special offers.

Eligibility to join American Federation of Hypnotists AFL-CIO Local 104 and enjoy all the benefits of being a union member.

Exclusive private access to The Hypnosis Academy video library on Youtube showing video examples of real sessions for various purposes. You will retain access to this library to be able to refresh your knowledge long after the class has completed.

"The handouts were tremendously helpful as study guides." - J.G. (2014 Graduate)

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

Enroll Today in The Hypnosis Academy NGH Hypnosis Certification Course

Class size is limited, so make your reservations today. Don't delay, make that bold step in your life that you've been needing and wanting.

Hypnosis in Private Practice, Medicine, Health Care and More

Learn, and practice, all the important skills you will need to help your subjects or clients. Learn all the "how's" and "whys" of what Hypnosis is, how it works, and how you can become proficient in helping others with it.

"I enrolled in the course for personal enrichment, but now see the potential of a career change to an exciting future as a hypnotist. Joe took the time to build a firm foundation, making sure the students understood clearly and he systematically built on that foundation" - L.A. (2014 graduate)

"I thought Joe was the best teacher I ever had." - C.H. (2014 Graduate)

"Joe Nunan is one of the best Hypnotists in Pennsylvania" Introduction at the 2009 NGH Convention

This class gives you everything you need, whether you are someone who is going to start your own hypnotism practice or use it in conjuction with your existing career. Whether you are a Health Care provider looking to increase your business, knowledge and expertise, a Medical Doctor or Nurse looking to better help their patients, an Anesthesiologist who can use hypnotic techniques to help reduce pain, reduce dangerous drug dosages and promote recovery or a Psychologist or Social Worker seeking to help their patients overcome difficult problems, hypnosis training can help you.

"Without reservation, I cannot imagine another course as good as this one" - L.A. (2014 Graduate)

Many students use the skills we teach to help their friends or family members to better manage the pain of life threatening illnesses or disabilities and use these methods to help in senior centers, assisted care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and hospices. Everything you need to know is fully taught, fully explained and practiced until proficient by all of our students.

Learn Hypnosis to Change Your Life

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

Being a Certified Hypnotist is one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do, It can be one of the most valuable experiences you could ever imagine yourself having. Possessing the talent, the skills and the ability to help virtually anyone overcome life's biggest obstacles is truly an uplifting experience. More people than ever realize they can master all of the basic skills, techniques and understandings they need to be a true master at hypnosis.

"I couldn't have found another instructor who would have met my expectations more completely" - T.M. (2014 Graduate)

The course runs every Saturday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM with lunch break (Lunch is not included, but there are many places close to eat-in or take out, some with delivery). At the end of our final class we will take the Certification Test (usually about 1 to 2 hours) and award diplomas and official NGH Certifications.

"Joe, I can't thank you enough. Your "laid back" style had me learning without knowing I was in the learning process. You are a "Master of Your Craft" and I feel more than lucky that I have had the opportunity to study under you and learn from you. Thank you !!!" - T.M. (2014 Graduate)

Joe knows his stuff !! From the Pre-Talk to when the client leaves, he covers it all. - R.S. (2015 Graduate)

"Great Training !" - V.V. (2012 graduate)

"The teacher was excellent !" - R.H. (2010 graduate)