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Joe Nunan is one of the Best Hypnotists in Pennsylvania "Joe Nunan is one of the best Hypnotists in Pennsylvania" Introduction at the 2009 NGH Convention
Hypnosis Training Information

Our Classes are limited in the number of students we can take, so contact the Hypnosis Academy right now at:




I have a long-running private practice in West Chester, PA and hold the NGH Certification and Advanced Hypnosis courses in Malvern, PA every year. Course locations, schedules and pricing information are listed at our course schedules page. You can also request information from us by regular mail at:


The Hypnosis Academy

3001 Stoneham Dr.

West Chester, PA 19382

(Classes not held here)




About Our Hypnotism Training Philosophy

The Hypnosis Academy believes in teaching absolutely the most effective methods and techniques that have stood the test of time. As an NGH Certified Instructor, Certified Hypnotherapist and member of the NGH Teaching Faculty, Joe Nunan is internationally known as a "Hypnotist's Hypnotist" for his ability to blend the art, science and practicality of hypnosis together into a seamless package that his students can easily understand. His success with clients speaks for itself as he has helped many to make difficult changes they felt they needed. Joe will help you to learn the techniques, the methods and all of the "hows" and "whys" of what Hypnosis is, how it works, and how you can become proficient in helping others with it.

"I loved it, the best investment of my life ! " - A.C. (2010 Graduate)

"This course met all my expectations and then some" - M.C. (2015 graduate)


The Philosophy of your Instructor

"I truly believe that Hypnosis is probably the most misunderstood and most under-developed part of our human experience. Virtually all of us are capable of it, already use it without knowing and are subject to it every day."

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

"I always help my clients to be aware of how it all works and how they are regularly being given suggestions by themselves, their family, their friends, their colleagues and others. Some of these suggestions are positive and beneficial to them, but some of them can be negative and detrimental to them. What they often don't understand is how we have all the power to decide what we want and what we don't want to determine our beliefs and actions."

"Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis are powerful tools that anybody can make powerful use of to make great changes in their lives , overcome personal obstacles and begin being the person they want to be." - Joseph Nunan CH,CI The Hypnosis Academy

What our graduates have said:

"You ooze practical wisdom and take the course far beyond the book material" - A.C. (2010 Graduate)

"My teacher was the most down to earth, intelligent person who made hypnosis easy and much fun" - R.L. (2010 Graduate)

"Really good course. Provides a lot of knowledge of hypnosis and opens another potential channel for me" - Y.L. (2016 Graduate)

"The teacher was excellent !" - R.H. (2010 Graduate)

"You obviously know the subject matter well. Your approach to teaching kept the subject fun and informative. The handouts were tremendously helpful as study guides . The videos of actual sessions really brought the subject into complete focus. You've obviously worked hard to perfect your course." - J.G. (2014 Graduate)

"I would not hesitate to take Joe's course again." - D.R. (2017 Graduate)


Being a Certified Hypnotist IS A GREAT CAREER

NGH Certified Hypnotist Training in PennsylvaniaYour own 11"x14" NGH Wall Diploma

A good consulting Hypnotist can make in excess of $200 per hour and have the great satisfaction of helping people to achieve what they want in life. To be a successful hypnotherapist, you need the knowledge and be experienced enough to use it. Your clients want results from you right away and at The Hypnosis Academy we use hands-on training to get you fully prepared for anything you'll need.

These are just some of the wonderful accomplishments you can have by becoming a Certified Hypnotist or Certified Consulting Hypnotist at The Hypnosis Academy.


Don't Delay, Take Steps to Change Your Life Today


Hypnosis Training Information

Our Classes are limited, so contact the Hypnosis Academy at:




***Note: Our classes are held in Malvern, PA in the Historic Sugartown District. Not in West Chester. ****


Tuition Discounts Available for Early Registration

Decisiveness is key in this world, especially when it comes time to change direction and do something different. Many times, people can just sit and think, and think, and think and never make a decision. Often those people look back later and regret their inaction. Learning hypnosis is something you will always have, you will never forget the techniques and skills. It is knowledge that you will have for the rest of your life to use!

To help motivate you, we'll offer discounts if you enroll a month prior or pay in cash a month prior to the start of class. That helps us plan and helps you decide. We both win! So don't delay, change your life today !

Check out details on our enroll page for details.


Hypnosis Training Information

Contact the Hypnosis Academy at: