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Learn to be a Hypnotist in my NGH Hypnosis Certification Training Class

Joe Nunan is one of the Best Hypnotists in Pennsylvania

Joseph Nunan CH,CI is a member of the teaching faculty of The National Guild of Hypnotists, a NGH Certified Instructor and NGH Certified Hypnotherapist. He owns and operates Chester County Hypnosis and The Hypnosis Academy.

The Hypnosis Academy offers you the most comprehensive, most complete, practical hypnotism training in the Philadelphia area. With my Official NGH Certified Hypnotist Training Class, you can quickly and easily become a NGH Certified Hypnotist and start a new career or add to your existing one. You will learn hypnosis with all the theory and practice of what it really is, how it works, and how you can become expert in using it. With my hypnosis certification training you will learn all the hypnotic skills and techniques you'll need to guide people easily into the deep hypnotic state of mind needed for maximum results.

"This course met all my expectations and then some" - M.C. (2015 Graduate)

"It was a no-nonsense approach to hypnosis that removed the mystery and misconceptions. Joe was able to encapsulate his decades of experience into an easy-to-understand, and implement, hypnosis course. I'm already utilizing his methods successfully." - A.J. (2017 Graduate)

"I loved this course !" - R.L (2015 Graduate)

"I enrolled in the course for personal enrichment, but now see the potential of a career change to an exciting future as a hypnotist. Joe took the time to build a firm foundation, making sure the students understood clearly and he systematically built on that foundation" - L.A. (2014 graduate)

"This was a great learning experience." - M.B. (2017 Graduate)

"Really good course" - Y.L. (2016 Graduate)

Being a Certified Hypnotist is one of the most rewarding talents or careers you could ever imagine. Having at your command all the methods, the skills and the techniques to help people overcome bad habits, fears or emotional obstacles is truly a rewarding and uplifting experience for anyone. In our short, intensive NGH Certified Hypnotist Training Class at The Hypnosis Academy, you can master all of the basic skills, techniques and understandings necessary to be a successful, practicing NGH Certified Hypnotist.

"I really enjoyed all aspects of this course. I liked the way the class smoothly shifted from lecture to discussions, the good balance of skills training and the preparation for doing hypnosis as a business. I also really appreciated the way you made it a fun environment but still made clear the serious parts of the business. " - D.F. (2012 graduate)

"Learning from such a well qualified professional gives the student a real "hands on" experience. " - J.G. (2014 graduate)

"The course was comprehensive and well thought out. I appreciate that Joe fully focused on hypnosis and not on other topics, " - L.A. (2014 graduate)

"I really learned a lot." - E.C. (2017 Graduate)

"I felt that all the course objectives were met and were what I was looking for. " - S. McN (2015 graduate)

"'I've been taking classes for 25 years. Joe is, by far, the most knowledgeably confident instructor who can communicate with anyone. The content was totally complete and then some !" - T.M. (2014 Graduate)

"I felt Joe was extremely qualified to teach this course. He taught with confidence and this was so important to me. " - D.R. (2017 Graduate)

Why You WILL Only Want The National Guild of Hypnotists' Certification from The Hypnosis Academy

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

If you have searched the intenet, I'm sure you are as confused as I was when I decided to become an NGH Certified Hypnotist. It took me quite a while to sort out exactly what I needed and where to get it. What was the most valuable and meaningful hypnosis certification for me and where could I learn everything that I needed to start my business and begin making money right away ?

Well, that's what I do well. I know what I needed and now provide it to you. When you finish my class you will be a good hypnotist.

"I loved it, the best investment of my life ! " - A.C. (2010 graduate)

"I recommend this course, one will learn about hypnosis in theory and practice" - N.K. (2013 graduate)

"I am a hands-on learner and this class really worked for me" - B.D. (2013 graduate)

"This is a course everyone should take"- R.S (2015 graduate)

"This course met all my expectations and then some" - M.C. (2015 graduate)

"From the day we walked in it was so much fun and Joe made learning so great and easy." - R.L. (2015 graduate)

Learn to Be a Hypnotherapist in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Established in 1951, the National Guild of Hypnotists is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious hypnosis certification organizations in the world. The NGH is represented in over 65 countries including Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The Hypnosis Academy believes in giving students something that is the most important factor in becoming a good hypnotist, confidence. The #1 reason that hypnotists fail is lack of confidence in their skills and abilities. They know hypnosis, but are not sure of their ability to hypnotize people and get the results they want. At The Hypnosis Academy my classes are designed for the professional, by a professional. My classes provide you with all the skills you'll need to be a professional hypnotist and the confidence in those skills to be able to use them effectively anywhere, anytime and with anyone. You will be a hypnotist after my class.

"Joe has years of actual experience as a practitioner and maintaining a hypnotherapy practice. " - P.McG. (2012 graduate)

"Thank you for sharing your years of experience and talent with us. Prepared us well." - P.L. (2013 graduate)

"This was a great course." - Z.M (2015 graduate)

This is what The Hypnosis Academy NGH Certification Class includes

All students  who successfully complete their NGH Certified Hypnotist Training with The Hypnosis Academy receive:

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

An 11" x 14" Official National Guild of Hypnotists Certification in Hypnosis certificate, suitable for framing and display in your home or office.

An 8 " x 10" Official National Guild of Hypnotists Current Membership certificate for framing and display in your home or office.

An 8 " x 10" Official The Hypnosis Academy certificate for framing and display in your home or office.

One year pre-paid membership to the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Official NGH membership identification card.

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

One year subscription to The Hypnogram Magazine.

One year subscription to The Journal of Hypnotism.

Official NGH course texts and manuals, including hypnosis scripts.

Official NGH Hypnosis Training Video DVD's.

Access to all the resources of the NGH including convention, training, videos and client referrals.

The Hypnosis Academy Class Handouts (about 50+) containing valuable information you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Access to The Hypnosis Academy's special private Youtube video collection featuring practical examples of methods and techniques. This access continues after training so you can always review.

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

A Chevrul's Pendulum.

"I learned about myself, how the mind works, how to focus and reign in on my technique" - N.K (2013 graduate)

Exclusive use of the NGH video and audio rental libraries and member bookstore, discount prices and rates on the NGH Convention and NGH Solid Gold Weekend, hotels and special offers.

Eligibility to join American Federation of Hypnotists AFL-CIO Local 104 and enjoy all the benefits of being a union member.

Why The Hypnosis Academy NGH Certification Course is the one you want to take

Hypnotist Training in PennsylvaniaBecome a Fully Certified NGH Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist

"I really enjoyed this course. Joe truly knows hypnosis and I am proud to be his student and to have learned his techniques. I am already confident I will always be a successful Hypnotist" - D.A. (2015 graduate)

In addition, students receive advanced instruction from The Hypnosis Academy in:

What Hypnosis really is (All students are hypnotized and hypnotize others)

The Mind and how it works

How and why Suggestions work

Mastery of The Elman Induction

Foolproof Deepening and Convincing

Stop Smoking, Weight Loss and Fear Removal

Age and Past-Life Regression

How I operate my Hypnosis Practice

I also provide over 50+ unique handouts not offered anywhere else.

Exclusive access to The Hypnosis Academy real session videos.

Learn to Be a Hypnotherapist in Chester County, Pennsylvania

"I really enjoyed all aspects of this course. I liked the way the class smoothly shifted from lecture to discussions, the good balance of skills training and the preparation for doing hypnosis as a business. I also really appreciated the way you made it a fun environment but still made clear the serious parts of the business. " - D.F. (2012 graduate)

"Loved the hands-on in class practice and feedback. Very down to earth and genuine instructor. " - P.L. (2013 graduate)

"I thoroughly enjoyed each class." - Z.M. (2015 graduate)

The Hypnosis Academy also Teaches the Secrets of the Pros

Our students get the experience they need to be successful. During our class we cover these essential subjects so that you can learn how to:

Structure Your Hypnosis Sessions so that Your Clients Realize their Goals.

Easily Explain Hypnosis to Your Clients and Deliver an Effective Pre-Talk.

Easily Establish and Build Rapport with All of Your clients.

Hypnotist Training in PennsylvaniaLearn Hypnosis with classes convenient to Philadelphia

Use Foolproof Induction Techniques to Always Guide your Client Deeply into Hypnosis.

Accurately Assess Your Client's Depth of Hypnosis.

Utilize the Power of Direct and Indirect Hypnotic Suggestions.

Use Hypnotic Emergence Techniques that Guarantee Success.

Use Powerful Post-Hypnotic Reinforcement Techniques.

Use successful results to build your successful Hypnosis Practice.

Teach Self Hypnosis in an individual or group setting.

"You ooze practical wisdom and take the course far beyond the book material" - A.C. (2010 graduate)

"Different from other courses that are more theoretical. " - E.C. (2012 graduate)

"I couldn't have found another instructor who would have met expectations more completely. " - T.M. (2014 graduate)

"I would change nothing. There was a perfect balance of hands-on and book. " - B.D. (2013 graduate)

"Very outstanding presenter, very informed . " - K.W. (2014 graduate)

Call Us Now to Become a Certified Hypnotist and Have a Great Career

Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

A good Consulting Hypnotist can make in excess of $200 per hour and have the great satisfaction of helping people to achieve their goals. Hypnotism is a great way for you to be your own boss and make your own hours. Whatever your reasons are, we can provide the quality training you need.

To be successful you need skills and the ability to use them. If you want to learn hypnosis, The Hypnosis Academy is your place to be. Call me now at 610-296-4929 and let me answer all of your questions.

I'm Joe Nunan CH,CI and I've worked years to be the best teacher and provide the best hypnosis instruction on the East Coast. Let me help you to be the best hypnotist you can be.

"Will leave this course with a firm grasp on what hypnosis is" - N.K. (2013 graduate)

"Definitely worth it. " - B.D. (2013 graduate)

"Great class! Very much enjoyed learning and practicing. " - E.C. (2013 graduate)

"I feel I received more from this course and Joe than I paid for, more than a bargain !. " - T.M. (2014 graduate)

"I thoroughly enjoyed each class. Each class was built on to each other, which made hypnosis easy to understand. This class made me feel that I will have great success with hypnotizing people. I loved the handouts and how simple Joe made everything. This made the entire concept of hypnosis easy to understand. " - Z.M. (2015 graduate)