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The Hypnosis Academy believes in teaching the most effective hypnosis training methods and techniques that have been perfected by the masters. As an NGH Certified Instructor, Certified Hypnotherapist and member of the NGH Teaching Faculty, Joe Nunan is internationally known as a "Hypnotist's Hypnotist" for his ability to blend the art, science and practicality of hypnosis together into a seamless package that his students can easily understand. His success with clients speaks for itself as he has helped many to make the often difficult changes they want and need. Joe will help you to learn the techniques, the methods and all of the "how" and "why" of what Hypnosis is, how it works, and how you can become proficient in helping others with it.

"I truly believe that Hypnosis is probably the most misunderstood and under-developed part of our human experience. Virtually all of us are capable of it, already use it without knowing and are are subject to it being used by others every day."

"Joe Nunan is one of the best Hypnotists in Pennsylvania" Introduction at the 2009 NGH Convention

"I always make my clients aware of how hypnosis works and how they are constantly being given suggestions by family, friends, colleagues and advertisers. Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis are powerful tools that anybody can make great use of to make great changes in their life, overcome personal obstacles and begin being the person they want to be and living the life they want. '' - Joseph Nunan CH,CI The Hypnosis Academy

These are just some of the wonderful accomplishments you can have by becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist or Certified Consulting Hypnotist at The Hypnosis Academy.

Here is what students say after training with Joe Nunan:

"You ooze practical wisdom and take the course far beyond the book material" - A.C. (2010 Graduate)

"My teacher was the most down to earth, intelligent person who made hypnosis easy and much fun" - R.L. (2010 Graduate)

"This course met all my expectations and then some" - M.C. (2015 graduate)

"I really enjoyed all aspects of this course. I liked the way the class smoothly shifted from lecture to discussions, the good balance of skills training and the preparation for doing hypnosis as a business. I also really appreciated the way you made it a fun environment but still made clear the serious parts of the business. " - D.F. (2012 Graduate)

"The teacher was excellent !" - R.H. (2010 Graduate)

"Answered questions thoroughly, took time with each student. A personalized approach." - E.C. (2013 Graduate)

"Different from other courses that are more theoretical. " - E.C. (2012 Graduate)

"Joe was very qualified. He taught all subjects with detailed information. Very satisfied with the course. Definitely worth it." - B.D. (2013 graduate)

"Joe has years of actual experience as a practitioner and maintaining a hypnotherapy practice. " - P.McG. (2012 Graduate)

"Regular "Joe" teaching extraordinary knowledge" - N.K (2013 Graduate)

"The best! " - P.L. (2013 graduate)

"The instructor, Joe, was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of hypnosis, giving us examples of all types of experiences we may encounter in the future." - S. McN. (2015 Graduate)

"I loved this course ! From the day we walked in it was so much fun and Joe made learning so great and easy." - R.L. (2015 Graduate)


Joe Nunan CH,CI

Joe Nunan of The Hypnosis Academy at the 2010 NGH Convention


Hypnotist Training in Pennsylvania

A good consulting Hypnotist can make in excess of $100,000/year and have great satisfaction in helping people to achieve the goals they want and need. To be successful you need skills and the ability to use them. Your clients want results from you right away and at The Hypnosis Academy we use hands-on training to get you fully prepared for anything you'll need. Don't be fooled by video classes or internet Q&A promises. In my classes you can ask me anything and get the answers you want and need.

"Joe is a very thorough teacher. He gives real-life examples of all types of experiences we may encounter in practice. This is invaluable. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in hypnosis." - S. McN. (2015 Graduate)

The Hypnosis Academy Advantage

The Hypnosis Academy offers you much more than tremendous, experienced, hands-on training. I provide all of our students with the tools necessary to immediately start in their own business and the guidance and advice to help prevent them from making costly errors and miscalculations. No other school or class offers that. Whatever they want to do with their hypnosis training, I give them the background and training to do so.

Anybody can teach from a book. I teach from what I've learned and what I know. I AM the open book and have hypnotized thousands of people and do it for a living. I give you what I've learned and what I know. If you want to learn from a book, read a book. If you want to learn from somebody who does it, and knows it, come to my class.


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