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National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Training Classes

NGH Hypnotism Training at The Hypnosis AcademyThe Hypnosis Academy Fall 2012 NGH Certification Class graduates

NGH Hypnosis Certification Training Classes

The Hypnosis Academy in the Philadelphia suburbs is one of the best places to really learn hypnosis in the US. I offer the East Coast's most comprehensive, fully accredited, NGH Certified Hypnotism Training Course. In just a short time you can possess all of the skills, methods and techniques you will ever need.

This is not a "book" class and you can expect to really learn and do everything you need to do with hypnosis. There is nothing comparable in the area.

I'm going to put in some true, actual comments that my students have given me. Please read through them. They were unsoilicited and truly reflect what I try to do and reflect what my class is like.

You could begin an exciting and rewarding new career as an NGH Certified Hypnotherapist or NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist. My students learn everything they need to know by extensive hands-on instruction. This is all done with a highly experienced NGH Certified Instructor in a professional setting. For more details on the certifications I offer, my class schedule, my tuition, or to get more information from the instructor, please call me now at: 610-296-4929.

This is the best Hypnosis course you could ever take. These are actual comments.

"'I've been taking classes for 25 years. Joe is, by far, the most knowledeably confident instructor who can communicate with anyone. The content was totally complete and then some! - T.M. (2014 Graduate)

"I loved it, the best investment of my life ! " - A.C. (2010 graduate)

"This course met all my expectations and then some" - M.C. (2015 graduate)

"I thought it gave me all the tools I need to be a good, competent hypnotist. " - P.McG. (2012 graduate)

"It gave me everything I need to start my own practice. I feel confident that I could start today" - J.G. (2014 graduate)

"You learn exactly what you need to know to hypnotize a person every time" - L.C. (2013 Graduate)

"I really enjoyed this course. Joe truly knows hypnosis and I am proud to be his student. I will always be a succesful hypnotist." - D.A. (2015 Graduate)

"You will leave this course with a firm grasp on what hypnosis is and a mastery of the Elman Induction" - N.K (2013 Graduate)

"Without reservation, I cannot imagine another course as good as this one" - L.A. (2014 Graduate)

"I couldn't have found another instructor who would have met my expectations more completely" - T.M. (2014 Graduate)

Where else can you learn hypnosis and be the best that you want to be ? At The Hypnosis Academy I teach all the fundamentals that you need to know, You actually learn hypnosis so that you can use it in whatever way you want. I teach a "hands-on" approach so that you learn hypnosis in a way you will always be able to use. It can't be any simpler than that.

I didn't ask those students to say that, they did it on their own. I give a questionaire at the end of class with the intention of making the class better. I want every class to be better than the last and ask my students to help me do that. The only reason I post these comments is because I want you to see what others have felt about my class. I basically just ask "How was the class ?" and what you see is posted here.

I like doing what I do. Some of my students have noticed that, I feel I can be very good at what I do. You can too. Doing this. Helping people to change in a good way.

Learn Hypnosis and Change Your Life, BE an NGH Certified Hypnotist in 8 short weeks

Hypnosis is best learned from a good teacher. One who has practiced hypnosis for years and been there and done that. That is what The Hypnosis Academy offers. A great hypnosis teacher, great learning and a great experience. I do this for a living, so I have to do it well.

If you enjoy helping others and wouldn't mind being able to make good money doing it, learning the advanced techniques of hypnosis could be just what you've been looking for. With the NGH Hypnosis Certification Course at The Hypnosis Academy, you can quickly become a Certified Hypnotherapist or Certified Hypnotist. You can then be well on your way to exciting new opportunities. If you're looking to Learn Hypnosis and guarantee that you will be able to hypnotize, The Hypnosis Academy is the school for you.

"Joe, I can't thank you enough. Your "laid back" style had me learning without knowing I was in the learning process. You are a "Master of Your Craft" and I feel more than lucky that I have had the opportunity to study under you and learn from you. Thank you !!!" - T.M. (2014 Graduate)

"The course achieved/exceeded my expectations . " - R.T. (2012 graduate)

"Loved it, was fun to learn, teacher was great" - L.C (2013 Graduate)

NGH Hypnosis Training at The Hypnosis AcademyThe Hypnosis Academy Spring 2015 NGH Certification Class graduates

"It gave me everything I need to start my own practice. I feel confident that I could start today" - J.G. (2014 Graduate)

"I could not have asked for more, Joe gave us his whole heart" - C.H. (2014 Graduate)

"I received a lot of information that I know I'm going to keep forever. Joe's stytle of teaching is down to earth and very effective." - R.S. (2015 Graduate)

I don't post these as a sales pitch. I want you to see what my students actually say and I'm very proud of that and want you to know what I offer.

You could be A NGH Certified Hypnotist this year

Enrolling in our class is just a click or phone call away. We are fully certified by the NGH and you can be a Certified NGH Hypnotist in just 8 short weeks. Our classes are on Saturdays to make it even easier for you. Also, you want to be able to hypnotize and do it well. This is the most comprehensive and effective course in the Philadelphia area, without exception. The course has been deveoped over the years and gives you everything you need to be a good hypnotist, right away.

Enroll today and become a professional hypnotist

Why You should Learn Hypnosis from a NGH Certified Hypnotism Instructor

Learn Hypnosis from a Certifed Instructor in Pennsylvania

My instruction includes all of the official approved NGH Hypnosis Cerfification Course required material and in addition the practical, supervised hands-on experience you really need to be successful. When your course is completed, I want you to know everything you need to know, have used it, practiced it and become proficient at it. My instruction always meets or surpasses all of the requirements and expectations, plus you get the advantage of learning from someone with years of experience as a full-time practicing hypnotherapist. I am an Approved Certified Instructor of the National Guild of Hypnotists and will administer the NGH Certification exam right in our class. And you will know hypnosis. I don't do tapping or NLP, you can learn that elsewhere. I teach hypnosis. That's what I do.

Here is what my students say:

"Well worth the time and money. The course gave me the total confidence that I will be a highy competent hypnotist" - L.A (2014 graduate)

Joe knows his stuff !! From the Pre-Talk to when the client leaves, he covers it all. - R.S. (2015 Graduate)

"You ooze practical wisdom and take the course far beyond the book material" - A.C. (2010 graduate)

"Great Training !" - V.V. (2012 graduate)

"I enrolled in the course for personal enrichment, but now see the potential of a career change to an exciting future as a hypnotist. Joe took the time to build a firm foundation, making sure the students understood clearly and he systematically built on that foundation" - L.A. (2014 graduate)

"My teacher was the most down to earth, intelligent person who made hypnosis easy and much fun" - R.L. (2010 graduate)

"Regular "Joe" teaching extraordinary knowledge" - N.K (2013 graduate)

"It gave me everything I need to start my own practice. I feel confident that I could start today." - J.G (2014 Graduate)

"Joe has years of actual experience as a practitioner and maintaining a hypnotherapy practice. " - P.McG. (2012 graduate)

"The teacher was excellent !" - R.H. (2010 graduate)

The best aspect of the Course ? "The Instructor !" - C.F. (2012 graduate)

"Different from other courses that are more theoretical. " - E.C. (2012 graduate)

"I really enjoyed all aspects of this course. I liked the way the class smoothly shifted from lecture to discussions, the good balance of skills training and the preparation for doing hypnosis as a business. I also really appreciated the way you made it a fun environment but still made clear the serious parts of the business. " - D.F. (2012 graduate)

"Very knowlegeable, very entertaining, made learning fun, which made it easier for me. Loved it, was fun to learn, teacher was great and entertaining. " - L.C. (2013 graduate)

"The experience of the teacher" - N.K (2013 graduate)

"You obviously know the subject matter well. Your approach to teaching kept the subject fun and informative. The handouts were tremendously helpful as study guides . The videos of actual sessions really brought the subject into complete focus. You've obviously worked hard to perfect your course." - J.G. (2014 Graduate)

"Eight weeks sounded like a long time to give up, all day Saturdays. They flew by. At the end I was amazed at all I had learned and began to see how the training in this course was a positive effect within myself." - L.A. (2014 Graduate)

These are actual student comments, used with their permission. I ask every student to grade me after our class so I can always get better. I feel I've put together the best NGH Hypnosis Certification Course on the East Coast and the feedback you've read shows why.

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The Hypnosis Academy NGH Certification program will teach you all of this:

How to hypnotize anyone easily.

How to do a fool-proof hypnotic induction.

Learn to Be a Hypnotherapist in Chester County, Pennsylvania

How to determine if a person is hypnotized.

How to determine exactly how deeply a person is hypnotized.

How to easily make a person become more deeply hypnotized.

How to give powerful, effective hypnotic suggestions.

How to help people make changes they've always wanted to, immediately.

How to create your own powerful post-hypnotic suggestions that grow in effect.

How to produce the complex hypnotic phenomena such as fascination, catalepsy, anasthesia and halucinations !

How to help people to Stop Smoking or Lose Weight quickly and easily.

How to help people overcome fears of flying, of public speaking, of being in enclosed spaces or virtually anything.

How to help children and students get better test scores and achieve academic success.

How to help athletes deliver that peak performance when they need to.

How to help sales and business professionals achieve top results when it counts.

How to help your family, friends or others who may need the benefits of hypnosis.

How to start a full or part time hypnosis and hypnotherapy practice.

How you can enhance your existing profession such as psychology, medicine, dentistry, health care or counseling with hypnosis.

How you can have the freedom of working your own hours and being your own boss.

How you can become one of the absolute best in your profession.

These are just some of the accomplishments you can have by becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist or Certified Consulting Hypnotist at The Hypnosis Academy.

The NGH Hypnosis Certification Class fills quickly, so make sure to Enroll early !.

Learning Hypnosis for a New Career or an extra income

NGH Certified Hypnotism Classes in Chester County Pennsylvania

A Consulting Hypnotist can earn in excess of $150 per hour and really enjoy their work. It is not often we can have the great personal satisfaction of helping others and be well paid for it. At The Hypnosis Academy, we provide you with all the expertise that you will need to be immediately successful. Our class covers everything from Instant Inductions to Starting and Building your Own Business. Your clients will want results from you right away and we give you all the hands-on instruction necessary to get you fully prepared for them.

Current and Upcoming Certified Hypnosis Training Classes in Chester County, Pennsylvania

You can make your first step to getting NGH Certified Hypnosis Training in the Philadelphia area right now by visiting our Upcoming NGH Hypnosis Class Schedules.

Here at The Hypnosis Academy you can learn everything you need to add to your Health Care Provider Continuing Education or to begin a new career and business as a full-time Certified Hypnotist. Tuition is often tax deductible, *(see your accountant) and most students can make the investment back quickly by seeing clients, helping family, providing an adjunct to medical treatment or combining hypnosis with other healing methods.

We offer the best, most comprehensive Certified Hypnosis Training program in the Philadelphia suburbs, easily reachable from Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Berks County, Lancaster County and all of Eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey or Delaware. For Hypnosis Training Philadelphia, look no further than The Hypnosis Academy.

Call Joseph Nunan CH,CI today at 610-296-4929 and become aware of how The Hypnosis Academy can provide you with the best education in hypnosis you can receive.

I love teaching this. I believe in this. From the feedback you can see students love the class. I give it my all. I'd be glad to have you in the class, I think you'd enjoy it.